About Us

An estimated 8.6 million deaths in low and middle-income countries every year are due to conditions treatable by healthcare, of which 5 million result from poor quality of care and 3.6 million from insufficient access to care. How can this be fixed?

We strive to be the world's leader in improving clinical outcomes by empowering doctors and HCPs across the globe.

About  MedSynapse - Vision and Mission Statements

Our Mission : Connect Doctors Globally

Our vision at MedSynapse is to improve the patient outcomes around the world by bringing the best in medicine to doctors in a peer-to-peer learning environment. Join us in our quest to have an everlasting impact on global healthcare.

Doctors are at the core of healthcare system, and we strongly believe that by empowering doctors with better communication, networking, and decision making tools, we will improve patient outcomes and healthcare system as a whole.

Our Vision: To Build the largest community

At MedSynapse, our vision is to build the largest community of doctors globally. Today we are the largest platform for doctors in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Doctors use our platform for exchanging clinical insights and medical knowledge in a safe and secure medium, accessible to qualified medical practitioners only. Doctors also earn CME points online while they use our platform to update their knowledge.We help our clients in pharmaceutical industry disseminate their product information and clinical trial results into the doctors' community and directly communicate with healthcare professionals.