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Power your marketing campaigns using our path-breaking and innovative content marketing solutions that are built our learnings from MedSynapse's exclusive doctor platform where doctors come to connect, communicate, collaborate, learn from industry, and have open conversations in a trusted environment with peers from across the globe.

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Marketing Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies

Create awesome customer experience for Doctors and HCP using content and digital marketing solutions from MedSynapse. We help you achieve your strategic goals of brand awareness and visibility with a highly unique and differentiated approach.

 MedSynapse - What Doctors want from Pharma

Long working hours, increasing number of patients and less interaction time per patient describe the everyday life of a modern-day doctor. On top of this, a doctor has to continuously keep oneself technically up-to-date. The massive time pressure is forcing doctors to increasingly be selective in the information they absorb.

The race for relevance is ON. For the pharmaceutical companies to win this race for relevance, it is crucial for them to create an insight-based content, and disseminate it a highly personalized way to the right doctors and to make it available on demand.

  • Your content must be credible, trust-worthy with insights relevant and useful for the doctors
  • Your content must be highly personalized, targeted and made readily available to the doctors on demand, when they want it and where they want it
  • Your content should be available via a channel where the doctors are coming on their own, driving an organic interaction instead of push marketing
  • Your content format should be optimised for digital and mobile devices to grab attention of your audience - short and screen worthy
  • Your content-based marketing campaign should provide a delightful customer experience to the doctors

MedSynapse is your platform for effective Medico Marketing

With MedSynapse you gain a data-based understanding of the needs of your target group, reach the medical professional with relevant content, and track the success of your communication in real time.

 MedSynapse - Approach for client solution

Gain Deep Insights into HCP Behavior

  • A deep understanding of the information needs of your target group is the prerequisite for effective communication
  • The right insights as a starting point for your communication include:
  • Understand the target group based on data
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and mindset about the product and indication
  • Derive current trend topics from user behavior
  • Maximize awareness, reach and impact of communication

Communicate your Story to Convince

  • Have your story based on the insights generated by MedSynapse
  • Get your medical content created by the experienced MedSynapse medical writers
  • Maximize the impact of your campaigns through an AI and data-driven strategy
  • Personalise and fine tune your communication Reach doctors individually based on their behavior and preferences
  • Learn from the direct feedback from the medical community

Increase your Share of Voice

  • Create cross-platform awareness campaign among your target groups using MedSynapse
  • Reach more than 1 million doctors from 20 countries
  • Increase your brand awareness to underline your own topic
  • Benefit from a flexible offer for your entire marketing funnel

Measure your Success and Performance

  • Gauge the performance of your campaigns in real time and see how the level of awareness about your product is improving.
  • Follow both leading and lagging KPIs
  • Monitor the level of awareness of doctors
  • Receive a monthly quantitative and qualitative report with recommendations for action
  • Use these insights for further communication in your multichannel activities
Peter Bond

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Peter Bond, Sr. Marketing Manager

Goal Specific Product Offerings by MedSynapse for your Marketing Needs

Different brands need different approach as they are at different stage of their lifecycle. We understand it very well and we offer products that meet the exact requirement of brand managers.

BrandConnect is a great way for marketers to ensure that their target audience recalls the brand, its identity, persona, and offerings, the moment they think about a particular disease. Brand Connect helps doctors stick to the brand and advocate it further when they are well informed about it.
LaunchPad helps brand managers in the successful launch of their product to help them stand out from the crowd in the world of such intense competition. It is critically important to have a good launch, along with a good pre-launch and post-launch strategy, to skyrocket sales after having invested so much in developing the drug.
TherapyPlus reaches more than 1 million+ doctors and 80 therapeutic areas ensuring pharma marketers to establish themselves as industry leaders by insightful content. It also establishes a safe platform to engage with key opinion leaders to ensure a high success rate in the long run.
NutriVerse helps pharma marketers to reach doctors, who are the gatekeepers of final sales of a product that has a direct long-term benefit on patient's health. The consumers are very rational who recommend it to select the best from the rest.
MedStar is an offering for pharma companies to make their mark in the visibly crowded OTC market. Medstar can play a very important role in creating outreach among the physicians, stimulating considerable brand awareness for their OTC product.
By identifying specific needs of your target audience, you may segment your audience and increase the success of your project. SegmentCompass analysis provides insights for your communication success with different target groups. In addition, it opens up new, promising segments and shows how you can reach them in a targeted manner.
Run live webinars and webcast medical events in realtime to doctors across the globe for best user experience and minimum latency. Create impact where it matters and measure it using state of the art analytics.
Understand the behaviour of physicians and get more insights inside physicians mind through small surveys run on the platform.
Leverage online learning methodology to reduce the cost of investments in continuing education requirements.
Peter Bond

Learn more about our Marketing Solutions and Offerings for Pharmaceutical Companies

Peter Bond, Sr. Marketing Manager

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Learn more about our Marketing Solutions and Offerings for Pharmaceutical Companies

Peter Bond, Sr. Marketing Manager